Languages Tutoring

“The English language has become the most widely spoken language on earth. Why should this be? Why does one language come to predominate and why does it become a common tongue between different races?”.


“The answer appears to lie in the way we hear the language. In his book <The Conscious Ear>, Alfred Tomatis, a world authority on voice pathology, suggest that British English both today and in the days of the Empire has a particularly high frequency range, which changes the electrical energy of the brain. Sound travels in waves created by disturbed air, quantified in hertz. The range of <sound selectivity> of British English is 2,000 to 12,000 herz, giving it the power to entrain, or the power to carry an extraordinary spectrum of meaning, which excites speaker and listener alike”.


“In contrast, many other languages vibrate at much lower frequencies, between 800 and 3,000 hertz, making them markedly different in their impact upon the brain and therefore, according to Tomatis, harder to learn. This may well explain why the sound language of the British Empire was able to spread so far, and why English has become such a widely spoken language” .


From “The Alchemy of Voice” by Steward Pearce

 Languages Tutoring

I have a passion for languages: English, Spanish, Basque and French. I also have another passion: teaching. Combine both and you get a powerful mix!


As a life coach and mentor, I have a pretty sharp insight on people's personalities and I use this intuition to allow for speed and flow of my lessons so that they fit the rhythm of learning of one's individual characteristics.


A truly cosmopolitan teacher, having lived for 17 years in the UK and 8 years in South Africa (Cape Town), truly fit for the 21st century!


So if you want a truly modern-thinking, dynamic and efficient teacher,then go no further!




* Masters in Languages (English and Spanish) (University of Derio, Bilbao).

* Diploma (Aptitud de Ingles) from the Spanish Official School of Languages (Bilbao - Spain).

* Teacher's Diploma (Proficiency in English) from Cambridge University (UK).

* Teacher's Diploma E.G.A. (Euskararen Gaitasun Agiria) from Basque Government (Bilbao - Spain).

* DALF C1 (Diplome d'Etudes en Langue Francaise) from Alliance Francaise in Cape Town.

The Academy
Hout Bay


Set in beautiful grounds in the picturesque valley of Hout Bay, with purpose-built classrooms designed to enhance both the learning and the flow from the class to the outside, The Academy is inspired by the Montessori philosophy at secondary level.


Unlike many traditional high schools, we concentrate on guiding young people to independence and adaptability to make a positive contribution to the modern world and find contentment and worth in themselves and their community, while at the same time giving them the skills to achieve success through the formal examinations of a globally recognized International Curriculum.


With a Higher Technical Diploma in E-Learning Training of Tele-trainers (by Euroinnova Formación, Spain), Dr Ana joined The Academy Hout Bay in January 2016 teaching and writing the French and Spanish Cambridge curricula and was appointed Director of Teaching and Learning in 2017 to ensure best practice and raising the effectiveness of the school into excellence.


“I enjoyed Dr. Ana’s Spanish lessons very much. Ana creates a great atmosphere. She has great knowledge, gives great feedback and has flexibility towards my own ideas. I would recommend her services to my friends and colleagues and I definitely will continue to use her services”(Pieter Basson - Business Owner).


“I found great value in Ana’s lessons. I particularly liked the speed at which Ana teaches (I am a languages lecturer at University so I have a facility for learning languages) and also working with different books. I would definitely use Ana’s teaching services again and would certainly recommend them to friends and colleagues”. (Annette Behrensmeyer - University Languages Lecturer)


“I find value in Ana’s lessons because I find myself getting to know the basics at a pace that will accommodate me to grow into this new language. I like the personal touch that the teacher brings to the lessons. Her explanations about the Spanish culture are extremely invaluable”. (Anonymous - Prosecutor).


“Ana is not only a good teacher but also a great motivator. If I were just studying on my own, I would have already given up due to my hectic working environment, even though I have a desire to become able to speak Spanish. As Ana’s lessons are private, I can learn at my pace and ask any questions. And as English is my second language, I also improve and keep up my English level as I learn with her. In addition to taking Spanish lessons, learning from Ana’s experiences and achievements in life are also precious lessons for me” . (Anonymous - Diplomat)


Passion for Languages

         Servicios de Idiomas

La Dra. Ana es una Especialista en Comunicación con título de Magisterio en Idiomas de la Universidad de Magisterio de Derio (Bilbao - España), una políglota con calificaciones oficiales en 4 idiomas (español, inglés, euskera y francés) y más de 10 años de experiencia como Profesora de Idiomas  en España (Gobierno Vasco) y Sudáfrica (Lycée Français du Cap). La Dra. Ana es también uno de los 7 profesores fundadores de S.A.V.S., la primera escuela virtual de Sudáfrica, proporcionando el currículo estadounidense y sudafricano a estudiantes a nivel mundial.



  • Título de Magisterio en Idiomas Modernos (Inglés y Español) por la Universidad de Derio (Bilbao - España).

  • Título de Profesora de Inglés (Aptitud de Ingles) por la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas.

  • Título de Profesora de Inglés (Proficiency) por la Universidad de Cambridge.




  • Título de Profesora de Euskera (E.G.A.) por la Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao - España).

  • Diploma de Francés (DALF C1) por la Alliance Française de Ciudad del Cabo - Sudáfrica.

PRECIO: 15 Euros x 1 hora, a pagar un mes por adelantado.


Telephone (South Africa):

00 27 76 393 3552



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